Data Scientist/Consultant

Data Scientist/Consultant

Deadline : 22 June 2024

The International Growth Centre (IGC) and BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) have been implementing a Datahub project with the aim of gathering datasets, cleaning and format, and making them available to researchers. This project, which is a part of the IGC-BIGD Datahub, will contribute to that by creating a microdata directory indicating where to find datasets in Bangladesh and a spatial data repository utilizing publicly available spatial data. Another goal of the Datahub is to provide policymakers with data in a legible format for them. The Datahub initiative is focused on visualizing data to transform data into information and present it to the policymakers. The district dashboard component will cater to that. This initiative will also be a case study on how policymakers react to data when it is presented in a user-friendly format. The project’s most important component is the district dashboard which is geared towards district (second-level administrative unit in Bangladesh) and sub-district level officials in order to facilitate a data-driven decision-making process and foster an overall data-driven culture at the local level. To our knowledge, such an initiative, especially at the local level, has not taken place in Bangladesh. For this reason, we believe this dashboard is extremely relevant to policy, especially policy implementation at the local level.


The Data Hub project aims to assess the extent of available data at the level throughout Bangladesh. The objective is to conduct on-the-ground research to comprehensively understand the
data landscape, including the organizations operating within each Union of Bangladesh, the services they offer, the data they generate, and the data they require for efficient operation. The project will primarily focus on Government and Non-Government (NGO) organizations. Ultimately, the initiative seeks to narrow the disparity between existing data resources and organizational needs. Utilizing the data retained by these organizations will offer valuable insights to assist policymakers and other stakeholders in formulating essential interventions, implementing data-driven decisions, and expediting responses during times of crisis.

The objective for this TOR is to create a platform in the form of a dashboard that can provide decision-makers with access to data and analytics at the lowest disaggregated level possible. BIGD wants the consultant to review relevant data, draw on the lessons learned from local consultations, create a dashboard prototype, collect feedback on the prototype, and redesign it to produce the final one.

Scope of Work
To achieve the objective of this assignment, the consultant/Firm will carry out the following activities:

  • Plan, lead and provide necessary support on the process of parsing, cleaning, organizing and preparing datasets for analysis and modeling
  • Plan and design a set of live and interactive data analytics visualizations and an easily navigable data repository using the relevant and available datasets and in accordance with the requirement analysis provided by the overseeing team
  • Create, test and deploy the interactive data analytics dashboard as a web app with all the appropriate and necessary features and functions
  • Accommodate feedback and changes in the final dashboard where necessary and required throughout the entire process of development
  • Prepare comprehensive documentation of the development process, any source codes, tools used and user manual, and ensure that it is communicated properly and thoroughly to the stakeholders of the project.

Support from BIGD

  • Relevant data and documents will be shared for dashboard preparation
  • Required staff support will be provided for data wrangling, parsing, and cleaning purposes only
  • Required tools, platforms, software or other services directly related to the development, which are not available open-source, will be provided with respect to the budget constraint
  • Consultant will be provided with field support for collecting feedback on the design of the prototype

Deliverable and Timeline

The Individual/Firm will produce the following deliverables for this assignment:

  • Dashboard and data repository planning. Provide a map of the webapp development process
  • Dashboard and data repository prototyping. Design prototypes of the final web app
  • Reproduce the web app which takes into account feedback and suggestions
  • Final web app deployment which will have all the agreed-upon requirements related to an interactive data analytics dashboard and data repository
  • Prepare process/user documentation (live)
  • Sharing the backend source codes and others for further maintenance
  • Extend support in troubleshooting (1 year)

The task is expected to be completed by the end of July 2024

Skills and Qualification

Based on the scope of work provided, the consultant should have the following experience:


  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science from any reputed university
  • Master’s in Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, or any closely relevant field from any reputed university
  • Experience in creating data extraction, loading and transformation processes using tools such as Amazon EC2, S3 Bucket, Textract. (Essential)
  • Experience in using packages and libraries in either R (Tidyverse, Paws, Shiny, etc.) or Python (Pandas, Polars, NumPy, Plotly, Streamlit, etc.) or other open-source tools to create fully functioning web-based data visualization apps. (Desirable)
  • Experience in continuous development and deployment of the data dashboard web application with minimum supervision. (Essential)


  • Demonstrated strong programming skills and experience of working on creating interactive data visualization dashboards (Essential)
  • Excellent and demonstrable knowledge in using BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, etc. for creating functioning, user-friendly, and interactive data analytics dashboards (Essential)
  • Advanced knowledge and demonstrated experience in working with setting up and administering servers on Linux or Ubuntu for creating a data analytics pipeline process (Essential)
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL or NoSQL and experience with various database technologies (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.) (Essential)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of setting up, usage and managing server-side applications and APIs. (Essential)
  • Advanced user of GitHub (Desirable)
  • Advanced user of SASS, CSS, or Bootstrap stylesheet languages or similar frameworks (Desirable)

Evaluation and Selection Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on QCBS basis – based on the selection criteria, and shortlisted firms may be invited for discussion. The consultant may be asked for further information if deemed necessary by the evaluation team.

The proposal will be evaluated according to the below criteria—

Intellectual Property

BIGD shall, solely and exclusively, own all rights in and to any work created in connection with this agreement, including all data, documents, information, copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights in and to the work. The Contractor is not allowed to withhold any information related to this agreement, as this will become public information.

Submission of Proposals

We are looking for a consultant/a team with experience in data science, academic research and development across key sectors such as climate change, microgovernance, etc. Interested consultancy firm(s) or consultant(s) are invited to submit an expression of interest, to by June 22, 2024. Any questions on the TOR should be directed to the same email address by June 22, 2024.

The submitted proposal should include the following-

  • A Letter of interest and contact details
  • A 1–2-page narrative of similar work experience
  • CVs for key personnel(s) highlighting relevant experience and roles in this project
  • A financial proposal including all costs and budget justifications (the total budget should not exceed BDT 6,00,000)

Safeguarding Clauses

BIGD follows BRAC’s safeguarding policy. BRAC is committed to safeguarding its people (staff, volunteers, programme participants including children, adolescents, and adults with special needs) from all forms of abuse such as sexual harassment, intimidation, violence, bullying, humiliation, discrimination, neglect and exploitation.

BRAC’s Safeguarding Policy and other subset policies and procedures (Sexual Harassment Elimination policy, Child and Adolescent Protection policy, Whistleblowing policy, Prevention of Workplace Bullying and Violence policy, Adults with Special Needs policy and Code of Conduct) are an essential part of any contract and mandatory for anyone associated with BRAC.

While working with BIGD as a Consultant, it is a requirement to adhere to all the above policies and the Code of Conduct (CoC) of BRAC. BRAC takes a zero-tolerance approach towards safeguarding violations, and misconduct and reserves the right to terminate the contract in case of any safeguarding breaches. Also, the Consult will adhere to the following:

BRAC’s vision is: for a world free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination, where everyone has
the opportunity to realize their potential.

The mission of BRAC is: to empower people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice. Our interventions aim to achieve large-scale, positive changes, through economic and social programmes that enable women and men, to realize their potential.


All information shared during the selection process will be treated with strict confidentiality and used solely to evaluate proposals.

Deadline: 22 June 2024