Presentation of Dissertations by MDS Graduates 2022

BRAC Institute of Governance and Development organized an exciting virtual session where recent Master of Development Studies (MDS) graduates presented their final dissertations and shared findings from their research, on diverse development domains such as labour, public health, education, and migration during the COVID-19 crisis.

The MDS program at BRAC University—designed and executed by BIGD—is a praxis-focused program that has an equal emphasis on developing a strong theoretical understanding, learning from the real world, and building practical skills so that graduates are able to connect theory with practice and design/implement policies and programs that work.

The program provides students with a practical set of skills, which are relevant to not just the traditional development sector, but also a wide variety of career choices such as social business, policymaking, advocacy, consulting, teaching, and development research. Our MDS graduates have gone on to work—in Bangladesh and beyond—for top NGOs, multilateral and bilateral organizations, as well as governments and the private sector.

The presentations by MDS graduates were followed by feedback and comments from experts in each domain, including Maheen Sultan, Senior Fellow of Practice, BIGD, Syeda Salina Aziz, Senior Program Manager, BIGD, Atiya Rahman, Associate Research Fellow, BIGD, and Dr Sakib Mahmood, Research Fellow, BIGD.

Learn more about our MDS program here