Implementation of Domestic Violence Prevention and Protection Act 2010: Presentation and Discussion of Research Findings

An insightful discussion on the implementation of the Domestic Violence Prevention and Protection Act (DVPPA) 2010 took place at Dhaka’s Azimur Rahman Conference Hall. Organized by the BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) and the Citizen’s Initiative against Domestic Violence (CIDV), this event aimed to shed light on the Act’s challenges and recommendations.

The session featured a presentation by Maheen Sultan, Senior Research Fellow, and Pragyna Mahpara, Senior Research Associate, both from BIGD. Expert insights were provided by Dr Shahnaz Huda, Professor of Law at the University of Dhaka. Distinguished panellists, including advocates and government representatives, joined discussions.

Despite approval in 2010, the Act remains underutilized due to various barriers. Commitment to implementation was noted to be low, often treating domestic violence as a family matter. A need for changed norms and attitudes among implementers, along with better victim support and procedural revisions, emerged for effective DVPPA execution.

Guests of honour, including Honourable Members of Parliament Lutfun Nesa Khan and Gloria Jharna Sarker, highlighted the importance of promoting the Act and altering perceptions around domestic violence. While progress is evident, deeply rooted traditions remain significant hurdles.

The event offered crucial insights and perspectives, emphasizing the ongoing effort to combat domestic violence and create a safer environment for all.