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21 March 2024

Asking the Right Way: Reflections from Designing Public Perception Surveys

Rafsanul Hoque

In the realm of democracy, opinions shape our collective voice, yet translating these diverse perspectives into meaningful data requires precision. Collaborating with The Asia Foundation, we've undertaken rigorous perception surveys in Bangladesh since 2019, delving into issues from governance to societal concerns. Our insights illuminate the intricacies of survey design, from tackling respondent embarrassment to navigating language nuances. While quantitative surveys offer snapshots of public sentiment, understanding the "why" demands deeper exploration, urging us to refine our methods and amplify the voices shaping our democratic discourse.

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12 March 2024

Exciting news for researchers! BRAC Institute of Governance and Development announces two new requests for proposals in Spring 2024. WEE-Connect and WEE-DiFine, backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, seek impactful studies on women’s economic empowerment through digital interventions. With tailored resources, including office hours and coaching calls, applicants are encouraged to seize this opportunity to make a difference. Learn more on the respective resource tabs for WEE-Connect and WEE-DiFine.

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29 February 2024
Fahad Al Mahmood and Ayman Maeesha Ali

Amidst the challenges of displacement, Rohingya adolescents exhibit resilience through a commitment to education, showcasing dedication in learning and skill development. Empowered by learning centers and BRAC adolescent programs, they express diverse aspirations, emphasizing the positive impact of education on their future. Through play, these adolescents foster unity, reduce conflicts, and maintain a hopeful spirit, highlighting the therapeutic value of recreation in navigating their challenging circumstances. Despite the constraints, their enduring bonds and friendly disposition reflect a promising outlook amid the ongoing challenges faced by the Rohingya community.

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23 January 2024
Rachel Heath and Emma Riley

In Tanzania, a randomized control trial with 152 female microfinance groups explored the transformative potential of digital financial services on women’s empowerment. By encouraging mobile money for loan repayments, previously dominated by cash transactions, the study found a substantial increase in women’s mobile money usage. The shift not only led to enhanced financial control, as reflected in higher savings and improved loan repayment behavior, but also fostered social cohesion within microfinance groups. This research underscores the impactful role of digital tools in empowering women and advocates for the integration of such services into broader financial initiatives.

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24 December 2023
Leora Klapper and Kym Cole

Bangladesh’s financial inclusion strides, highlighted at the BIGD Conference, show a 21% rise in overall account ownership in the past decade. Despite progress, the gender gap widened to 20%, emphasizing the need for targeted efforts to empower women in the digital finance landscape.

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21 December 2023
Anwesha Bhattacharya, Erik Jorgensen, Urvi Naik, Aruj Shukla, and Charity Troyer Moore

Despite SHG ownership advantages, rural Chhattisgarh women still face barriers in actively engaging with digital financial services, as revealed by low DFS usage rates, prompting the need for further investigation.

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30 November 2023
Kate Brockie

Guest writer Kate Brockie reflects on Claudia Goldin’s Nobel Prize for her work on women’s labour force participation, and how Dr Goldin’s model relates to trends of women’s work in Bangladesh.

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27 November 2023
Shravasti Roy Nath and Taslima Aktar

BIGD’s study in Hazaribagh, Bangladesh, sheds light on the use of veils by 10-14-year-old girls as a protective measure against harassment, revealing the intersection of societal norms, patriarchy, and child labour challenges.

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12 October 2023
Md. Karimul Islam and Md. Kamruzzaman

Caregiving is a crucial aspect of ensuring the wellbeing of persons with disabilities. However, due to several reasons including the absence of institutional arrangements and formal training on caregiving, the needs of persons with disabilities get little attention from policymakers and other stakeholders.

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10 October 2023
Tanvir Ahmed Mozumder

Do the people of Bangladesh truly believe they are free as citizens? Are they comfortable expressing their opinions on social media? A recent nationally representative survey offers valuable insights into the sentiments of Bangladeshi citizens regarding these questions.

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