About the Research Center

The virtual research center within BRAC University focused on psychosocial development, mental health, and well-being. It is envisaged that this will house knowledge resources on educational research on the focus area of children affected by crisis and conflict. This will primarily focus on Bangladesh but will also include relevant international material. Research projects often involve the development of companion websites or information hubs.


This bilateral chair application involves Swansea University and two institutes within BRAC University, BIGD, and BRAC Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University (BRAC IED). BIGD’s primary focus is research and has a small but growing portfolio of research on psychological and mental health as an instrument for socio-economic development. Besides, BIGD is currently best resourced to execute this type of activity. So, the research center will be initially housed on the BIGD website, and relevant BIGD staff will provide necessary technical support. However, BIGD and BRAC IED teams will work closely in partnership on the design and content development for the website.

We intend to investigate key features of successful long-standing research websites and the websites of relevant organizations and to communicate with our intended audience from the onset. This will ensure that the center functions effectively, contains information and features that meet its aims, and is sustainable beyond the duration of the funding. Initially, the center will be small-scale and will be accessed via the website at BRAC Institute of Governance and Development, BRAC University (BIGD). It is anticipated that a Swansea University Research Project page will be departmentally hosted with links to the BRAC University site.


The aim of the center website is to create a cohesive virtual space where policymakers, charitable organizations, practitioners, and academics with a common interest in educational research, psychosocial development, mental health, and aimed at aiding children impacted by crises and conflicts can converge. Through the platform, the center aims to disseminate research findings and policies, provide access to seminar and workshop recordings, promote relevant events, and offer guidance and resources to support and enrich professional endeavors. Furthermore, as the center evolves, it aspires to serve as a pivotal point of interaction for peer consultation and potentially host various conferences, seminars, and workshops, thereby fostering a robust community of practice dedicated to addressing the needs of vulnerable children in crises.


The center will raise the profile of BRAC University, strengthen the existing institutional relationship between BIGD and BIED, and also draw attention to the importance of this field. It will be a forum and information hub that will support and encourage engagement, reflection, and evidence-based practice.

Intended Audience

  • Researchers and academics
  • Policymakers
  • Relevant organizations and professional bodies
  • Charities
  • Practitioners Intended content and functionality

Scope of Work

  • Advertising seminars and events
  • Supporting the development of research interest groups
  • Uploading seminars or presentations of interest (and eventually potentially hosting)
  • Providing links to articles, reports, policy documents, organizations, etc.
  • Highlighting current news, events, research highlights, and project progress.
  • Encouraging further study in this field as well as training and continuous professional development to increase the professional workforce and the overall knowledge base.

Project Personnel 

Program Team

  1. Fahmida Akter Kotha
    Architect, Deputy Manager
  2. Tabassum-ul-Zannat
    Architect, Deputy Manager
  3. Marin Sultana
    Deputy Manager, Sr. Psychologist
  4. Hamida Akhter Zahan
    Sr.Field Manager
  5. S M Sohel Rana
    Sr. Curriculum Developer
  6. Nazia Nusrat
    Sr. Curriculum developer
  7. Towhidul Alam
    Architect, Deputy Coordinator 
  8. Mahmud Zawad Hossain
    Architect, Deputy Coordinator
  9. Farzana Rahman
  10. Adnim Arifin
    Curriculum Developer

Research Team 

  1. Sakila Yesmin
    Senior Lecturer, BRAC IED, BRAC University
  2. Shamma Tasnim
    Senior Staff Researcher, BRAC IED, BRAC University
  3. Subrina Sultana
    Senior Staff Researcher, BRAC IED, BRAC University

Advocacy Team

Sayed Mahmud
Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, Advocacy

Communications Team 

  1. Fahad Al Mahmood
    Senior Officer, Marketing and Communications
  2. Samsun Nahar Shopna
    Senior Officer, Marketing and Communications
  3. Ayman Maeesha Ali
    Officer, Marketing and Communications

Academics Team 

  1. Ferdousi Khanom
    Senior Lecturer and ECD Academic Coordinator, BRAC IED, BRAC University
  2. Zarrin Tasnim
    Lecturer, BRAC IED, BRAC University