State of Cities - 2017


31 December 2017

State of Cities - 2017 "Housing in Dhaka"

Migration to urban centers, like Dhaka, has been one of the biggest threats to the building of livable cities. Livability has become a prioritised issue in cities around the globe and the provision of livable housing is one of the erequisites for building a livable city. The growth of the housing market in Dhaka has been molded and compromised by the influx of migrants. There are several factors to be considered here. The gap between demand and supply of housing, quality of housing, and quality of basic services all contribute to the assessment of the housing sector and overall livability.

This year's State of Cities 2017 - Housing in Dhaka by BRAC Institute of Governance and Development, is conceptualised given the above context. The analysis gives due attention to relevant international contexts, but is grounded in highlighting the national story. The anaylsis for this report is based on primary survey data and secondary data, as well interviews with relevant stakeholders. The report examines the existing governance structure of the housing sector, and provides a gap analysis of current policy; it explores the adequacy of housing in Dhaka by analysing both demand and supply side factors. The study digs deeper to understand the extent of affordability and the experience and security of tenants in the city. The report also looks into the provision of basic services like water, gas, electricity and solid waste management.

State of Cities - 2017 "Housing in Dhaka"