Title:      BANGLADESH Reform Agenda for Local GOVERNANCE by Tofail Ahmed
Authors:      Tofail Ahmed
ISBN-10(13):      978-984-33-9454-12
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Description:      BANGLADESH:

Reform Agenda

for Local


Tofail Ahmed

`Governance crisis’ both at national and local levels has been a formidable challenge in Bangladesh for last few decades. The book provides a comprehensive reform package specifically addressing the crisis in the arena of local governance. It contains a long list of reform agenda with reasonable elaboration and analysis that include constitutional guarantee for proper functioning of elected LGIs, uniform electoral reform formula, new organizational structure of LGI in line with parliamentary form, functional and expenditure assignment framework, inter-governmental resource transfer, a framework for sustainable capacity development and staffing pattern for all LGIs in Bangladesh. It also contains a special reform package for Chittagong Hill Tracts. The reform agenda, if implemented, may immensely contribute to accelerate local service delivery, local economic development and above all inclusive, sustainable and democratic `local good governance’ in Bangladesh.


In the area of local governance research, this book endeavors to influence public policy and to contribute to the public discourse on contemporary concerns over local governance in Bangladesh. Research over the years reveals that, the current structure of local governance in Bangladesh mingles with different departments of local government administration that enormously affects proper division of work and coordination. Different elected local government institutions, appointed field administration under different ministries and non-state actors in various specialised areas work with ambiguous terms of reference. Ambiguity in this and replication of roles and functions of certain positions in the local government lead to large inefficiency involving the waste of scare resources and leave demands urgent reform.

The book, based on the study, provides a comprehensive reform package that aptly addresses local government institutions at all tiers irrespective of urban and rural, general administration, public service providers and non state actors. Thus, the study suggests a uniform law for all local government institutions guaranteeing an inclusive local government system. Besides, the study also suggests a common council system in the parliamentary structure for all units and tiers of local government instead of the current presidential structure, dominated by a single individual.

With the aim of an effective finance system, the study recommends a tax sharing arrangement between local and national government. Additionally, one of the aims of the study is to provoke debate and dialogue among the relevant stakeholders on this crucially important area.


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Bangladesh: Reform Agenda for Local Governance
By Tofail Ahmed
First published in Bangladesh February 2016
Published by Prothoma Prokashan
CA Bhaban, 100 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue
Karwan Bazar, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh

ISBN 978 984 91762 3 7

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