The Costs and Benefits of Digitisation of Land Records
via Simplified Application Process

Research Team: Dr Sultan Hafeez Rahman and Sumaiya Kabir Talukder

Project: Bangladesh Priorities, Copenhagen Consensus Center

Research brief: A study on land administration will be performed as part of the project ‘Bangladesh Priorities’ of Copenhagen Consensus Centre. The study will analyze digitisation of land records, via simplified (electronic) application process, as a mean to improve the land administration in Bangladesh. Despite land being closely connected to the livelihood and economic activities of Bangladesh, the land sector is prone to numerous imprudence and corruption associated with land records. Due to the inconsistencies in land records, high transaction costs prevail in land markets. Bangladesh government has engaged in a process of digitising the land record system to improve efficiency and to reduce the corruption of land related problems. The analysis will include cost-benefit analysis for differential economic benefits with differential discount rates. Thus, the study will provide empirical evidence that such government-led interventions have the potential to improve land administration.

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