Research Reports / Working papers /Journal Articles:

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Newspaper Articles:

    The Daily Star: THE YEAR IN REVIEW by Dr. Sultan Hafeez Rahman, Executive Director, BIGD on January 01, 2016
    The Daily Star: How healthy is the market for healthcare? by Nabila Zaman, 11 March, 2014
    The New Age: Universal health coverage: Where does Bangladesh stand? by Nabila Zaman, 23 October, 2013
    The Daily Star: Funding of political parties by Faiz A. Chowdhury, 13 October, 2013
    The Daily Star: Dealing with foreign exchange reserves by M Shahidul Islam, 21 August 2013,
    The Daily Star: Saving a Southern promise by M. Shahidul Islam, 5 December, 2013
    The Daily Star: On identity and trust by Minhaj Mahmud, 23 March, 2014
    The Daily Star: The RMG sector and external links by Kazi Niaz Ahmed, 24 June 2013,
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    The Financial Express: Making central bank operationally effective by M Shahidul Islam, 30 April 2013
    The Financial Express: Growth in uncertain times by M Shahidul Islam, 20 April 2013:
    The Daily Star: Three decades of banking reforms by M. Shahidul Islam and Rubayet Hamid, 25 December 2012
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