The Economic Growth (EGC) cluster of BIGD is working broadly on growth, poverty, development and economic governance issues relevant to Bangladesh and the region.

The cluster primarily aims to conduct academic as well as policy relevant research using rigorous empirical approach and explores economic policy studies having important implications for the governance of the country. Many of our research works draw important recommendations based on solid research which contribute to policy formulation and policy revisions.

The research team is comprised of a dynamic group of young scholars and leading academics both within the institute and outside, who are working in the field of economics.

The cluster promotes collaborative research within the other clusters of BIGD. At the same time, it welcomes collaborative research with other institutions of similar interest in the country and beyond.

Current research studies under this cluster includes poverty and inequality, labour market, informal sector, service sector employments, privatisation, municipal financing, labour migration, aid effectiveness, political economy analysis and political institutions, economics of health and education sectors along with project performance management and so on.

We are currently collaborating with many national and international organisations including BRAC; Planning Commission of Bangladesh; RAND Corporation USA; University of Sussex, UK; University of Missouri, US; University of Ottawa, Canada; University College London, UK; WageIndicators Foundation, Netherlands; Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), India.