BIGD is devoted to specialised research on a wide range of governance and development issues. An important facet of the Institute's core mission is to conduct research on governance and disseminate the findings to the public. Since 2006, the Institute (former IGS) has been publishing annual flagship reports on State of Governance in Bangladesh, policy papers, and studies of public institutions. The Sate of Governance provides a critical and analytical investigation of the governance situation of Bangladesh. In 2012 another annual flagship report on the State of Cities (SoC) in Bangladesh was launched, to promote research and analysis as well as to spur intellectual debates on city governance in Bangladesh. The focus of the Institute’s research is applied research and policy analysis. The public policy research is designed to enhance the knowledge on governance and to constructively engage the government and the public stakeholders in the institutional reform process.

Following the reorganisation, BIGD’s research programme will take place around five clusters, i.e., Economic Growth, Governance and Politics, Gender Studies, Urban Studies, and Regional Studies. Environment and Climate Change is a cross-cutting issue that will be running across all the other research clusters.

In addition to research responsibilities, the research team emphasises building capacity of young Bangladeshi scholars who have opportunities to work independently and with senior local and international faculty and to publish.

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