Project Name:       Changes In The Governance Of Garment Global Production Networks: Lead Firm, Supplier And Institutional Responses To The Rana Plaza Disaster
Time period:         January 2016 – December 2018
Name of Donor: Volkswagen Foundation of Germany
Project Leader: Simeen Mahmud
Cluster: Gender Studies


·         to collect data on leading garment retail firms in four countries (Australia, Germany, Sweden, UK) regarding supply chain structures and practices, on suppliers of these firms in Bangladesh regarding the management of these structures and practices, and on the outcome of these structures and practices for workers, as well as on stakeholders’ views and activities in the lead firm and supplier countries

·         to utilize the data and insights collected by the Garment Global Partners to produce outstanding academic publications on the governance of labour and environmental standards in global production networks

·         to amend and communicate the results to stakeholders in an effort to stimulate policy debate in the five countries and beyond

Project work:

1.      Factory Management Survey:

The Bangladesh management survey team conducted the survey of the factory management and 150 factory managements have been surveyed.

Team members of management survey:

·         Dr. Kazi Mahmudur Rahman, Scientific Researcher
·         Dr. Shahidur Rahman, Scientific Researcher
·         Two Research Assistants

2. Factory Worker Survey:

One of the objectives was to interview workers from the surveyed factories under the     management survey. From the list of factories covered in the management survey, made an initial list of survey areas looking for those areas which had relatively more factories covered by the management survey. Furthermore, 5 clearly identifiable survey sites were selected: Savar, Ashulia, Gazipur, Narayanganj and Dhaka.  The study interviewed 100 male and 200 female workers from each site to yield a sample of 1500 workers (1000 women and 500 men).

Team members of factory worker survey:

·         Lopita Huq,  Research Fellow
·         Kabita Chowdhury, Research  Associate
·         Saiful Islam, Research Associate (working as survey co-coordinator and supervisor)
·         Eight enumarators 

Publications Under the Projects

Discussion Papers

1.  Frenkel, S. J., Rahman, K. M., Rahman, S. (2017):Between Lead Firms and Institutional Ensembles: Labour and Safety Practices in Bangladeshi Garment Export Factories, Garment Supply Chain  Governance Discussion Paper Series No. 03/2017.

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