The NUFFIC funded NICHE/BGD/121 “Capacity Building for Promoting Governance” project is a joint collaboration of BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University and Bangladesh Public Administration and Training Centre (BPATC) in Bangladesh in partnership with MDF, ISS-EUR, CIS-VU in the Netherlands. In this project BIGD was also the counterpart of MDF with respect to the management, coordination and reporting in Bangladesh.
The overall objective of the NICHE BGD 121 project: “to effectively contribute towards promotion and implementation of good governance initiatives to ensure that an efficient, committed and responsive civil service is available to serve the country and the citizens of Bangladesh.”

The specific objectives of this project are:

•    BPATC and BIGD have improved their ability to transform the public sector in Bangladesh to be responsive to the needs of its male and female citizens;
•    BPATC and BIGD have improved their organizational culture, services and attitudes towards women in their training and educational activities;
•    BPATC and BIGD have systematic feedback from the labor market and the alumni for improving curriculum design.

NUFFIC PICFigure 1: Intervention logic of the NICHE project

There are six activities of the project:

1.    Course and curriculum skill development workshops;
2.    TOT (strengthening teaching/training capacity) workshops;
3.    Working group meetings to ensure cooperation between BIGD and BPATC and with    other institutions;
4.    Institutional procurement;
5.    Special missions for gender responsiveness and labor market relevance studies;
6.    Project review and evaluation missions.

The project timeline was 15 October 2011 to 14 September 2015. During the project period, the consortium members developed two teams for training and curriculum development. Curriculum Development team developed five short courses under the guidance of consortium members.

The five courses are:
1.    Project Management Course;
2.    E-Governance Course;
3.    Negotiation Strategy Course;
4.    Policy Analysis Course and
5.    Institutional Development, Organizational Development and Change Management Course.

Along with this the consortium members organized 24 workshops and trainings on curriculum development, curriculum content, training skills and gender, of which 23 were given in Bangladesh and one in the Netherlands. Course outlines, readers, handouts and presentations were produced in softcopy. The consortium organizations also obtained IT and teaching equipment.


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