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Seminar on Revenue Mobilisation and Women's Representation in the UP and State of Accountability of the Transferred Departments at the Upazila Parishad (30 July 2016)

Press Launching of The State of Governanace Bangladesh 2014-2015, 27 December 2015

IGC-BIGD Seminar on Development Economics13 December, 2015

Launching of Mahbub ul Haq Centre's 18th Human Development Report in South Asia (22 December, 2015) 

Launching of STATE OF CITIES 2015
(29 November, 2015) 

BIGD-CPTU Contract Signing Ceremony ( July 23, 2015) 

Mahbub-ul-Haq Centre Report Launching (17 Nov, 2014)

Seminar on Performance Management System of Public Service Commission and Information Commission of Bangladesh (30 August, 2015)

Training Workshop on Implementation of GPMS
(10-19 Jan, 2015)
Workshop on Exploring Unpaid Work of Women (26 Feb, 2015)
Workshop on Labor Markets & Growth (2 Mar, 2015)

National Seminar on Social Accountability Mechanism (30 May, 2015)

Discussion on Effectiveness of Policy Advocacy Lessons Learnt (12 Mar, 2015) 
Int'l Conference on Political Economy, Accountability & Governance (11-13 Dec, 2014)

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed inaugurated BIGD premises
Launching of SoC 2014: Governance for a Liveable Chittagong
Launching of State of Governance 2013: Democracy Party Politics (20 December, 2014)
National Workshop for Finalization of Strategy for Civic Engagement in Public Procurement of Bangladesh (12 January, 2014)  

IGC Phase II Launch Lecture, 22 March 2014

IGC-BIGD Public Lecture on Beyond Education for All 23 February 2014
Dissemination Seminar on Religion, Minority Status and Trust, 9 March 2014 

Talk by Former Chief Justice of India on Access to Justice for All 24 April, 2014

Stakeholder Consultation workshop on PCM & E-Governance (4 April, 2015) 

Seminar on Disposal of Audit Objection
(12 March, 2016)
BIGD signs MoU with Access to  Information (a2i) Programme (21 June, 2016)