BIGD Research featured in Bjorn Lomborg’s articles
published in local and Int’l media

Media Coverage image 28.04.2016

Dr. Bjørn Lomborg, President, Copenhagen Consensus Center, and Visiting Professor, Copenhagen Business School referred number of research studies by BIGD Researchers in his recent articles, published in local and international media. He referred BIGD Visiting Fellow Dr. Wahid Abdallah’s research study on e-procurement, published in number of national and international media in three different languages. He also mentioned BIGD Executive Director Dr. Sulta Hafeez Rahman and Research Assistant Sumaiya Kabir Talukder research study on digitization of land records in his two articles, published in two national dailies in two different languages Bangla and English. Both the research studies are published at the Copenhagen Consensus Centre’s website also.

Please find below the links of the articles:  

This could save governments millions of dollars and tackle corruption by Bjørn Lomborg at World Economic Forum

The Promise of E-Procurement by Bjørn Lomborg at the New Vision

The Promise of E-Procurement by Bjørn Lomborg at Project Syndicate

Premisa e prokurimit elektronik by Bjørn Lomborg at the Reporter (Albania)

How e-GP save taxpayers tens of billions each year by Dr. Bjørn Lomborg at the Daily Star

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The BIGD research studies mentioned by Bjørn Lomborg can be found here:

For more details about the Project, please see: Bangladesh Priorities - Smarter Solutions for Bangladesh