The Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) of the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED), Ministry of Planning, Government of Bangladesh, has implemented a project titled Public Procurement Reform Project (PPRP)-II with financial and technical support from the International Development Association (IDA)/World Bank. The objective of the PPRP-II was to improve progressively the performance of the public procurement system in Bangladesh, focusing largely on the sectoral ministries and targeting their implementing agencies. It was expected that a large part of the procurement reform actions would be implemented by four key sectoral agencies such as Roads and Highways Department (RHD), Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Rural Electrification Board (REB) and Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB). The second phase of the project had main four components namely (1) furthering policy reform and institutionalizing capacity development, (2) strengthening procurement management (3) introducing e- Government Procurement and (4) communication, behavioral change and social accountability.

The component-4 focused on two separate, but interrelated goals; (a) to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of a well-functioning public procurement system; and (b) to engage key stakeholders, including relevant Government agencies, civil society organizations, private sectors, media and local communities in the monitoring of the procurement process and its outcomes. As part of continuous efforts to implement the PPA 2006 and PPR 2008, the Government has constituted a Public-Private Stakeholder Committee (PPSC) consisting of the representatives from multi-stakeholders namely Government agencies, business apex bodies, private sector, think-tanks, academic institutions, and civil society organizations. The Honorable Planning Minister was the Chairperson of this committee.

BIGD was responsible for social accountability related work which would include providing technical support to the PPSC and developing a third party monitoring strategy. BIGD was also responsible for strategic communication related activities like publishing and distributing quarterly newsletters summarizing the activities of PPSC and recommending for improvement in the public procurement. The extension phase of Public Procurement Reform -II is now operational. BIGD is being tied up with the contractual obligations of the same soon.

Key Activities

There are six basic activities of the project:
1)    PPSC / Sub Committee Meetings
2)      Newsletter Publications
3)    Case Study Development
4)    Issue Based Policy/Advisory Notes Development
5)    Third party Monitoring Strategy
6)    Pilot Exercise of Third Party Monitoring


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