Welcome to BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) at BRAC University.

The Board of Trustees of the University established BIGD in June 2013 through the merger of the Institute of Governance Studies (IGS) and the Brac Development Institute (BDI) both post graduate institutes of the University to achieve better synergy between the work undertaken in the two institutes.

The BIGD, BRAC University is a centre of research and academic excellence. As a post graduate resource centre, BIGD is devoted to specialised research on a range of governance and development concerns, as well as the nexus between the two intertwined areas. It conducts research around four broad clusters, i.e., economic growth; governance and politics; urban, climate change and environment; and gender studies. The research on gender is undertaken at the Centre for Gender and Social Transformation embedded within BIGD. On the academic side, BIGD offers four Master’s degree programmes, the MAGD, MDS, MDMP and MPSM, and offers several first rate certificate courses aimed at building capacity of the public and private sector and the NGOs. BIGD’s research is aimed at supporting its academic and training programmes. It does not limit knowledge creation to being an end in itself but rather to advance the pursuit of a freer and just society. Hence, it also plays an advocacy role to give voice to contemporary governance, political and economic issues. One of BIGD’s key strength lies in the truly interdisciplinary character of its work. These are best reflected in its two annual flagship publications: The State of Governance and the State of Cities.

BIGD provides scholars, policy specialists, researchers, academics and practitioners to share a common platform to raise critical questions on governance and development. It aspires not only to among the most vibrant institutions of knowledge creation and management within Bangladesh but also in the wider region around it—South Asia and Southeast Asia. BIGD’s staff are its most precious resource. They are drawn from the entire spectrum of social science disciplines with excellent credentials. It hosts scholars and academics from around the world and has collaborative programmes with top universities/research institutions of the world, as indicated in another section of this website. It also hosts special programmes with Ottawa and Colgate Universities which contribute course credits towards the degrees of the participating students.

As an institute of Brac University, BIGD works closely with the university and has the unique advantage of being connected to Brac, the world’s largest NGO through its work and carrying its ‘brand.’ It is thus inspired by Brac’s values in shaping its own institutional thinking and work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We seek your support in our journey of discovering truth, the worthy pursuit of knowledge and a just society.