Study on Women’s economic empowerment-opportunity analysis
BIGD, UNDP and UN Women jointly organized
Consultation meeting with stakeholders from private organisations

Consultation meeting on Womens Economic Empowerment BAYS Gallery Small
Participants at the meeting

BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University, UNDP and UN Women jointly organized a consultation meeting with the representatives from private organizations on April 28, 2016 at the Red Shift, Bay's Galleria, Dhaka. The meeting was arranged as a part of the ongoing research “Evidence Based Foundation of Women’s Economic Empowerment-Opportunity Analysis: Policy” conducted by BIGD for UNDP and UN Women.

The objective of the consultation was to contribute to the study on identification of policy opportunities to promote women’s economic empowerment through review and critique of the existing policy provisions, their implementation and also identification of policy gaps that could further facilitate women’s economic empowerment.
Sara Bumsted, Gender Policy Advisor of UNDP welcomed the guests. Maheen Sultan, Visiting Fellow, BIGD  moderated the whole session. Ferdousi Sultana Begum, Team Leader of the Study and Consultant at BIGD delivered a presentation on the Methodology and Preliminary findings of the study. Followed by the presentation, the participants provided their observations, inputs and feedback on existing policies, gaps and opportunities.

The participants at the meeting included representatives from CWCCI, SERWTCI Trust, Banglacraft, Joyeeta Foundation, BWCCI, DOHATEC, BAPA (Agro Processors), BUILD etc. Among others, BIGD Research team of the study were also present at the meeting.