Conference Theme

In celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Independence of Bangladesh, we focus on the relative successes and shortcomings of governance within the country, a core problem that affects meaningful development of Bangladesh, and look forward to future prospects of governance reform in the country. 
Over the last two decades the issue of governance reform is very much at the centre of debates on development, economic growth and poverty reduction. However, much of the thinking on what good governance should be is based on Western ideal-typical models and pays less attention to local, social, political and cultural dynamics, as well as specific historical trajectories which fundamentally shape the possibilities for development and democracy. While focusing on the wider phenomenon that characterize governance practice in Bangladesh, much of the scholarship has not reached deep enough into the social structures of everyday life of ordinary citizens and political behaviour that underpin these general features.

The conference encourages research which attempts to break away from some of the existing rhetoric that has begun to shape governance thinking on Bangladesh by offering deeper, richer and empirically grounded insights on the practice of governance, its challenges and the prospects for reform. IGS has facilitated such research on governance and organized a conference titling “40 years of Bangladesh: Retrospect and Future Prospects”.

The conference was arranged from 26-28th Nov. 2011 attended by worldwide renowned political scholars and international political scientists e.g. Dr. Geof Wood, Dr. Joe Devine, Dr. Graham Brown, Dr. Harry Wallace Blair, Dr. Akhlaque Haque, Dr. Jalal Alamgir, Dr. Iftekhar Iqbal, Dr. Navine Murshid, Dr. Sumaiya Khair, Dr. Asif Nazrul, Dr. Naomi Hossain and others have presented and shared their thoughts and researches on governance. The purpose of the conference was to highlight the Governance of Bangladesh in these 40 years; the failures and the future prospects that lie ahead and proposing better and effective ways of governance. The chief guest of the launching ceremony was Justice Habibur Rahman and special guest was Dr. Gowher Rizvi. Both of the honorable guests made their speeches at the launching ceremony of the conference at BRAC Centre Inn. The rest of the conference presentations were made at BRAC, BCDM, Savar, Khagan.

Participants’ Papers for the Website

1. Ahmed, Haydory Akbar, Lecturer,Dept.of Economics & Social Sciences, BRAC University; Hossain, Abul Maala, Tanvir, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics & Social Sciences, BRAC University; Rahman, Shahidur, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics & Social Sciences, BRAC University; PapersPresentations:

2. Ahmed, Imtiaz, Professor, International Relations, University of Dhaka; Papers 

3. Ahmed, Nizam, Professor of Public Administration, University of Chittagong; Presentations

4. Alamgir, Jalal, Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Massachusetts, Boston;Papers

5. Aminuzzaman, M Salahuddin, Professor of Public Administration, University of Dhaka;  Papers:

6. Banks, Nicola Margaret, Head of Research & Evaluation Unit, BRAC Uganda; Papers:  ;Presentations:

7. Basu, Ipshita, Head of Research at the Institute of Governance Studies, BRAC    University; Brown, Graham, Senior Lecturer, International Development & Economics, University of Bath; Joseph Devine, Lecturer, International Development, University of Bath; Papers: ;Presentations:

8. Bhardwaj, Sanjay, Assistant Professor, South Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Papers:

9. Blair, Harry Wallace, Associate Department Chair, Senior Research Scholar, Lecturer, Political Science, University of Yale; Papers: ; Presentations

10. Chowdhury, Mridul, CEO & Founder, mPower Social Enterprises; Saleh, Asif, Director, BRAC Communications & Chairman, Drishtipat;  Presentations: 

11. Craig, Donna, Specialist, (LLM, York University); Rashid, A.Z.M Manzoor, Associate Professor, Forestry & Environmental Science, Shahjalal University; Mukul, Sharif Ahmed, Research Fellow, Centre for Research, on Land- Use Sustainability, Maijdee, Bangladesh; Papers: ; Presentations

12. Curtis, Donald, Public Management & Institutional Development Specialist; Papers: ;Presentations

13. Hasan, Kamrul, Research Specialist, Habitat Foundation; Jannat-Hasinae, Executive Director, Habitat Foundation;  Papers: ; Presentations

14. Haque, Akhlaque, Associate Professor, Public Administration, University of Alabama; Papers: ;Presentations

15. Haque, Kazi Nurmohammad Hossainul, Senior Research Associate, Institute of Governance Studies; Papers: ; Presentations

16. Haque, M Shamsul, Professor, Political Science, National University of Singapore; Papers: ; Presentations:

17. Hossain, Md. Abdullah Abraham, Assistant Conservator of Forests, Development Planning Unit, Department of Forestry; Mokhtar, Mazlin Bin, Professor, Principal Research Fellow & Director, University of Kebangsaan; Toriman, Mohammad Ekhwan, Faculty, Social Sciences & Humanities, University of Kebangsaan; Papers: ; Presentations

18. Hossain, Naomi, Research Fellow, University of Sussex; Papers: ; Presentations: 

19. Hulme, David, Professor, Development Studies, University of Manchester; Jahan,  Ferdous, Associate Professor, Public Administration, University of Dhaka & BRAC University; Shahan, Asif Mohammad, Lecturer, Development Studies, University of Dhaka; Roy, Manoj, Co-Director, Poverty & Climate Change, Urban Bangladesh; Papers: ; Presentations: 

20. Iqbal, Iftekhar, Associate Professor, History, University of Dhaka; Papers: ; Presentations: 

21. Khair, Sumaiya, Professor & Head, Department of Law, University of Dhaka; Presentations

22. Khan, Mohammad Mohabbat, Professor, Public Administration, University of Dhaka; Papers: ; Presentations: 

23. Khondker, Habibul Haque, Professor, Social Science & Humanities, University of Zayed; Papers: ; Presentations: 

24. Lewis, David, Professor, Social Policy & Development, London School of Economics & Political Science; Papers: ; Presentations

25. Mills, Pierre-Landell, Principal, Policy Practice Ltd. & Director, Partnership for Transparency Fund;Papers:  ; Presentations

26. Murshid, Navine, Assistant Professor, Political Science, Colgate University; Papers: ; Presentations: 

27. Nazrul, Asif, Professor, Department of Law, University of Dhaka; Presentations

28. Rahman, Md. Ataur, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, Professor & Founder-Chair, Centre of Governance Studies, University of Dhaka, Consultant, Bangladesh 2020; Papers:  ; Presentations

29. Rahman, Md. Ashiq-Ur, Faculty, Urban & Rural Planning, University of Khulna; Papers: ; Presentations: 

30. Rahman, Md. Mizanur, Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Industries; Papers: ; Presentations: 

31. Rahman, Mohammad Habibur, Programme Leader, Graduate Studies of Business, Economics & Policy Studies, University of Brunei; Thomas Theodore, an Adviser, Institute of Governance Studies, BRAC University; Paperspers: ; Presentations: 

32. Robbani, Golam, Lecturer, Accounting & Information Management, University of Maastricht;Papers: ; Presentations

33. Stanislawski, Jens, PhD Student, International Development, University of Bath; Papers: ;Presentations:

34. Wood, Geof, Professor, International Development, University of Bath; Papers: ; Presentations

35. Wong, Sam, Lecturer, Human Geography, University of Bradford; Papers: ; Presentations

Conference Resources: