CGST organizes workshop on Quantitative Research

Workshop on Quantitative Analysis 6 Small

The Gender and Social Transformation (CGST) at BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University, in collaboration with the University of Manchester and funded by British Academy, has organized a a one-day workshop on “QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH” for practitioners, lecturers, researchers with experience in empirical research on May 17, 2016 . The workshop was facilitated by Dr Wendy Olsen, School of Social Sciences, and Ms. Heather Piggott, both from University of Manchester.

The workshop aimed to explore the measurement of attitudes. Facilitators demonstrate that attitudes matter to the work-participation of women in rural India. First a factor analysis of attitudes to work was carried out. Second a logistic regression of female labour-force participation was carried out. Third, these were linked via models that allow the two equations to be interlinked. A brief discussion of structural equation models concluded the workshop.

Workshop on Quantitative Analysis 7 Small

After completion of the workshop, Certificates were distributed by the host of the event  Simeen Mahmud, Head of Gender cluster at BIGD and Dr Wendy Olsen, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester.

About 25 participants took part in the workshop. The participants were from different renowned organizations like BIDS, CPD, JPG School of Public Health, BIED, BRAC-RED etc.