Academics and Experts from BRAC, IPA, University of Dhaka and other international research organisations conducted different sessions of the workshop on designing, managing and presenting impact evaluation in the education sector.

Dr. Mahabub Hossain, BRAC Research Executive Director; Mr. Andrew Jenkins, Head of BRAC Research and Evaluation Division and Dr. Minhaj Mahmud, Head of Research of Institute of Governance Studies and BRAC Development Institute conducted different sessions of the first day on importance of evidence based policies and development programmes and the need to diffuse rigorous evaluation methodologies; RCT: selection bias, power calculation, randomisation units and programme management focusing Data and Team management and an introduction to questionnaire writing and coding.

The second day of the workshop centred on the impact analysis of Rigorous Evaluation and RCTs. Prof. Atonu Rabbani and Prof. Ummul Ruthbah, Dhaka University, conducted the 4th and 5th session respectively on RCTs’ Impact Analysis and Non-experimental analysis. Finally, the workshop concluded with a panel discussion with all the speakers on evidence based policies and rigorous evaluation.

The workshop was well attended by an attentive and heterogeneous audience of policy makers, NGOs workers and local researchers who had little or no previous experience of working in RCTs.