7. Basu, Ipshita, Head of Research at the Institute of Governance Studies, BRAC    University; Brown, Graham, Senior Lecturer, International Development & Economics, University of Bath; Joseph Devine, Lecturer, International Development, University of Bath; Papers: ;Presentations:

8. Bhardwaj, Sanjay, Assistant Professor, South Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Papers:

9. Blair, Harry Wallace, Associate Department Chair, Senior Research Scholar, Lecturer, Political Science, University of Yale; Papers: ; Presentations

10. Chowdhury, Mridul, CEO & Founder, mPower Social Enterprises; Saleh, Asif, Director, BRAC Communications & Chairman, Drishtipat;  Presentations: 

11. Craig, Donna, Specialist, (LLM, York University); Rashid, A.Z.M Manzoor, Associate Professor, Forestry & Environmental Science, Shahjalal University; Mukul, Sharif Ahmed, Research Fellow, Centre for Research, on Land- Use Sustainability, Maijdee, Bangladesh; Papers: ; Presentations

12. Curtis, Donald, Public Management & Institutional Development Specialist; Papers: ;Presentations

13. Hasan, Kamrul, Research Specialist, Habitat Foundation; Jannat-Hasinae, Executive Director, Habitat Foundation;  Papers: ; Presentations

14. Haque, Akhlaque, Associate Professor, Public Administration, University of Alabama; Papers: ;Presentations

15. Haque, Kazi Nurmohammad Hossainul, Senior Research Associate, Institute of Governance Studies; Papers: ; Presentations

16. Haque, M Shamsul, Professor, Political Science, National University of Singapore; Papers: ; Presentations:

17. Hossain, Md. Abdullah Abraham, Assistant Conservator of Forests, Development Planning Unit, Department of Forestry; Mokhtar, Mazlin Bin, Professor, Principal Research Fellow & Director, University of Kebangsaan; Toriman, Mohammad Ekhwan, Faculty, Social Sciences & Humanities, University of Kebangsaan; Papers: ; Presentations

18. Hossain, Naomi, Research Fellow, University of Sussex; Papers: ; Presentations: 

19. Hulme, David, Professor, Development Studies, University of Manchester; Jahan,  Ferdous, Associate Professor, Public Administration, University of Dhaka & BRAC University; Shahan, Asif Mohammad, Lecturer, Development Studies, University of Dhaka; Roy, Manoj, Co-Director, Poverty & Climate Change, Urban Bangladesh; Papers: ; Presentations: 

20. Iqbal, Iftekhar, Associate Professor, History, University of Dhaka; Papers: ; Presentations: 

21. Khair, Sumaiya, Professor & Head, Department of Law, University of Dhaka; Presentations

22. Khan, Mohammad Mohabbat, Professor, Public Administration, University of Dhaka; Papers: ; Presentations: 

23. Khondker, Habibul Haque, Professor, Social Science & Humanities, University of Zayed; Papers: ; Presentations: 

24. Lewis, David, Professor, Social Policy & Development, London School of Economics & Political Science; Papers: ; Presentations

25. Mills, Pierre-Landell, Principal, Policy Practice Ltd. & Director, Partnership for Transparency Fund;Papers:  ; Presentations

26. Murshid, Navine, Assistant Professor, Political Science, Colgate University; Papers: ; Presentations: 

27. Nazrul, Asif, Professor, Department of Law, University of Dhaka; Presentations

28. Rahman, Md. Ataur, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, Professor & Founder-Chair, Centre of Governance Studies, University of Dhaka, Consultant, Bangladesh 2020; Papers:  ; Presentations

29. Rahman, Md. Ashiq-Ur, Faculty, Urban & Rural Planning, University of Khulna; Papers: ; Presentations: 

30. Rahman, Md. Mizanur, Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Industries; Papers: ; Presentations: 

31. Rahman, Mohammad Habibur, Programme Leader, Graduate Studies of Business, Economics & Policy Studies, University of Brunei; Thomas Theodore, an Adviser, Institute of Governance Studies, BRAC University; Paperspers: ; Presentations: 

32. Robbani, Golam, Lecturer, Accounting & Information Management, University of Maastricht;Papers: ; Presentations

33. Stanislawski, Jens, PhD Student, International Development, University of Bath; Papers: ;Presentations:

34. Wood, Geof, Professor, International Development, University of Bath; Papers: ; Presentations

35. Wong, Sam, Lecturer, Human Geography, University of Bradford; Papers: ; Presentations

Conference Resources: