Seminar on Public Private Partnership held
F Seminar PPP
Mr. C Prathapmohan Nair (left) along with other researchers and attendees at the seminar
BIGD organised a seminar on Public Private Partnership on January 4, 2016 in BIGD conference room. Mr. C. Prathapmohan Nair, Sr. PPP Specialist of the Prime Minister’s Office of Bangladesh discussed why, what and how - factors of PPP, types of PPP arrangements, case in various sectors, and a snapshot of Bangladesh PPP Program Vision 2021, in his presentation titled PPP in Infrastructure Development at the seminar. Dr. Sultan Hafeez Rahman, Executive Director of BIGD chaired the seminar.
In the presentation, Dr. Nair mentioned that there are seven characteristics of  PPP - these are arrangement between public & private, provision of services for public benefit by private partner, investments in and/or management of public assets by private partner, time period, risk sharing-optimally between contracting parties, focus on quality of service/ performance,  payments-Linked to performance.
F Seminar PPP 2
Dr. Nair added there are some advantages and disadvantages of PPP. Some of the advantages include efficiency, innovation, risk sharing, timeframe, quality, transparency, management, service delivery. However, disadvantages are, not all projects are PPP- able, political and socially sensitiveness, as it requires political will. Dr. Nair then mentioned that there are clear differences between public procurement and PPP. He further added that, there are some myths about PPP throughout the world. These are- profit motive of private sector is incompatible with the service motive of public sector, PPP increases user tariffs, money for PPPs come from private sector pockets etc, which are not true or sometimes partly true.
In the discussion on developing and implementing PPP, he mentioned that the implementation of PPP is not so easy; require long term projects and long term funding option.
Dr. Nair then showed some case studies from India and other parts of the world on the successful PPPS. Besides, he also showed the evaluation and the status of implementation of PPP in Bangladesh. Among others there are some notable projects implemented and under process under PPP in Bangladesh, these are: Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover, Dhaka Elevated Expressway, Haemodialysis Centre at NIKDU, Haemodialysis Centre at CMCH, Kaliakoir Hi-Tec Park etc.
Among others, Dr. Mirza Hassan and Dr. Shanawez Hossain, Lead Researcher and Research Fellow respectively, both of BIGD were present along with other researchers and staff in the Seminar.