BIGD organized a Talk by Ms. Hayat Imam, international grassroots activist and Member of the Board, Grassroots International, on Palestine: Perspectives from the field at BIGD Conference Room, Mohakhali, Dhaka on 15 Feb 2015.

Ms. Hayat Imam shared her experience based on her recent visit to occupied Palestine and Jerusalem, and interviews with the Palestinians. She also shared her thoughts and observation on the illegitimate occupation, human rights violation by Israel, apartheid wall built by Israel, increasing Israeli settlement, oppressive livelihoods, lack of water supply and resettlement issue after Israeli bombings, faulty and inequitable governance in the Palestinian cities. She also made a presentation with visuals which provided rare glimpses of the state of governance and miserable livelihood of the Palestenian people.

Dr. Sultan Hafeez Rahman, Executive Director, BIGD chaired the talk. The programme was attended by, among others, BIGD Head of Research Dr. Minhaj Mahmud, staffs from BIGD Research, Academic and Operations divisions.