Research 0n SoC - 2016
Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City: Solution from Management Perspective

Economic growth and development has been creating negative externalities to Dhaka city and challenging its livability. One of such externality is the traffic congestion, among others. The city is paralyzed by the road traffic which is evident and the most contemporary issue as debated in all kind of media to express their helplessness. There has been number of policy and initiatives taken to resolve the deadlock of traffic problem. Structural fixing has been in the policy debate whereas non-structural measure such as particularly management issues has not been paid attention. In line with these debates, the study aim to capture the governance and management aspects of traffic congestion by exploring the existing traffic management problem in Greater Dhaka city. The study is expected to understand the existing management practice and challenges in traffic management and would inform the decision makers with evidence.

In a megacity such as Dhaka, large transport infrastructure investments are needed to provide the residents an effective transport system. However, if non-structural measures are not addressed properly the situation of traffic congestion will not change significantly. Experts often claims that a large part of Dhaka’s traffic congestion is a result of lack of coordination among different institutions for planning, implementation and monitoring of transport infrastructure investment and road traffic management system etc. In this study, we argue that the severe traffic congestion of Dhaka can be reduced significantly by tackling traffic management, awareness, education, enforcement issues without making large investment in flyovers, metro line etc.

The objectives of the study:

The overall objective of this study is to explore management issues of traffic congestion in Dhaka city. It will also explain related socio-economic and political dimension/impacts keeping livability at the centre. In particular:

  • To understand the nature and existing institutions and their role and responsibilities relating to  arrangements traffic management in Dhaka city
  • To explain the underlying reasons for traffic congestion from an institutional and political economy perspective
  • To examine impact (economic, social and environmental) of traffic congestion
  • To recommend institutional reforms   to ease traffic congestion.

The study is expected to be completed by September, 2016.

For more details please contact with SOC-2016 Team Leader Dr. Md Shanawez Hossain, Research Fellow, BIGD