The BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University offers Certificate Programme on Environmental Management and Governance jointly with the Centre for Natural Resource Studies of the University of Manitoba, Canada. The main purpose of the certificate programme is to sensitise and enhance the capacity of participants on key environmental governance issues related to natural resources and environment management. The certificate course is an intense programme which would provide opportunities to the participants to be trained with key concepts of environmental issues and concerns, management system, environmental governance, implementation methods and procedures.

The curriculum for this programme has been designed to offer exposure and training on theoretical knowledge on key issues, supplemented by case studies where appropriate, to make the programme as practical as possible.
The certificate programme is designed to be a four month long programme with twenty-five participants. Faculty members from BRACU, other private and public universities in Bangladesh, practitioners of environmental governance and faculty members from University of Manitoba will be the resource persons for the programme.

Under the Certificate Programme, the following modules will be offered:

Module 1:  Management for sustainable development
This course attempts to introduce participants to key environmental concerns both at the local and global level. These concerns stems from cross-scale (regional, national, sub-national, local) and various types of sources (public sector, private sector) through which environment and development facets interact with each other. It aims to train the participants with the concept and need for sustainable development, the various actors and the tools for effective governance for sustainability.

Module 2:  Environmental governance
The course introduces the concept of governance and builds into the problems and issues of natural resources and environmental governance. It aims to acquaint the students with the various actors involved with the governance using case studies where appropriate.

Module 3:  Policy regimes for natural resource and environment management
This course aims to introduce the students to the policy-legal regimes for natural resource and environment management with particular focus on Bangladesh. It discusses the legal regimes and the compliance of national laws regarding natural resources and environment management. This course also gives an overview of the Bangladesh country strategy documents prepared as compliance of international treaties.

Module 4: Field study and Experiential Learning
The field study course is divided into two parts. The first part will consist of classes on EIA and SIA tools and techniques. This component aims to introduce the tools needed for implementing projects pertaining to natural resource and environment management. The second part will involve the actual field study where students will be required to apply their knowledge from other courses in the programme as well as what they have learned about EIA.

Potential Faculty Members

Professor Niaz Ahmed Khan, PhD
Chairmen, Development Studies, Dhaka University

Syeda Rizwana Hasan
Chief Executive Officer
Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA)

Dr Mahfuzul Haque
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Development Studies, Dhaka University
Former Secretary, Government of Bangladesh

Mohammed Ikbal Hossain
Independent EIA Consultant

Aslam Khan
Manager- Certification
RINA Bangladesh Ltd

S.M. Guabir Bin Arafat
Research Associate and Cluster Coordinator
BIGD, BRAC University