MPSM Brochure

Procurement is a key function of any organisation, public or private and in an era of globalisation with the advent of entrepreneurial organisations, management of purchasing and supply in private as well as in public sectors has gained more prominence. Moreover, with increasing focus and debates on governance issues, the functions of purchasing and supply requires capacity building to acquire and implement international standard procurement practices. With that context in mind, BRAC University designed a Masters programme on Procurement and Supply Management.

The main purpose of the Masters programme in ‘Procurement and Supply Management’ is to sensitize and build up the capacity of officials of public sector, NGOs as well as officials and executives from the private sector on procurement and supply management issues. It is expected that the programme will enhance their understanding of the procurement issues and sharpen their decision-making capabilities. This programme is designed to give advanced knowledge and understanding of international as well as local procurement issues faced by officials/executives to come to sound decisions.

••• The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) of UK offer courses on Procurement and Supply Management, and the CIPS qualifications and standards, although administered in UK, are available throughout the world through the Study Centres of CIPS.  The CIPS qualifications are accredited by the Qualifications Curriculum Authority of UK.