The MAGD programme prepares the students to confront the complexity of governance and development. On satisfactory completion of the programme, they will acquire the analytical capacity to examine issues of governance from a broad interdisciplinary perspective in the local and global context. Students will learn to articulate their views in an effective manner and to apply their knowledge to real world challenges. In addition to its core content, the programme offers a number of elective courses so that students can pursue their interests in accordance with their career objectives.

Course Description:

MAGD is a post-graduate program of 36 credits to be completed in 3 full semesters in 12 calendar months. It consists of 5 Core Courses (15 credits, 3 credits each), 4-6 Elective Courses (12 credits, 2-3 credits each), and a Dissertation (9 credits). In addition, students will be required to take non-credit preparatory courses in English, Principles of Economics, Research Methodology, Statistics and Computing.

The Core Courses are:

  • Introduction to Governance
  • Economics for Public Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Lessons in Development
  • Leading Issues of Governance in Bangladesh

The Elective Courses are grouped into the following Clusters:

  • Global Policy Framework
  1. Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
  2. Laws of International Governance and Cooperation
  3. Current Issues in Globalization
  • Enhancing Performance
  1. Budgeting and Management of Public Resources
  2. Project Appraisal and Management
  3. Public Policy Analysis
  4. E-governance & IT
  • Building Partnership
  1. Public-Private Partnership
  2. Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Accountability
  1. Ethics
  2. Corruption
  • Inclusive Citizenship & Innovations
  1. Learning from People: Methods and Innovations
  2. Gender, Diversity & Governance
  3. Human Rights & Social Justice

The Dissertation, containing 9 credits, will span all the three semesters. In the first semester, each student will be required to choose a topic for dissertation, get trained in writing skills in English, computer literacy and research methodology, write a research proposal and defend it before a Committee. In the second semester, the student will study relevant literature, write the survey chapter, the theoretical/methodology chapter and research design for collection of data. In the third semester, the student will collect, collate and analyze data, and complete a 50-60-page dissertation.

Course Materials

The following documents are provided in line with classes on the Masters in Governance & Development programme. Please click on the links below to download the relevant documents.

Internet Research Skills

Dissertation Check List