This is a day time 42 credit program. The duration of the program is 16 months including field internship. Students are required to take 42 credits to fulfill the requirements for the Masters in Development Management and Practice (MDMP) program. These include three Foundation courses (1 credit each), twelve core courses (3 credits each), and a field internship with a written report (3 credits).

Course type

No. of courses


Foundation courses



Core courses



Field Internship and report







Semester I

MDP 311:

Basic Economics

MDP 312:

Basic Development Economics

MDP 313:

Basic Statistics

MDP 620:

Sustainable Agricultural Practice

MDP 621:

Poverty, Livelihoods, Food and Nutrition Security

MDP 622:

Urbanization, Urban Dynamics and Development

MDP 623:

Environment and Climate Change: Introduction, Adaptation and Mitigation












Semester II

MDP 624:

Governance and Public Policy for Sustainable Development

MDP 625:

Sustainable Livelihood – Concepts, Institutions and Policies

MDP 626:

Health Development and Health System Management

MDP 627:

Management I (Program Management for Sustainable Development: Processes and Practices)








Semester III

MDP 628:

Development Research: Concepts, Methods and Applications

MDP 629:

Global Issues in Sustainable Development

MDP 630:

Management II (Financial and Social Performance Management for Sustainable Development)

MDP 631:

Communication, Negotiation and Leadership for Sustainable Development








Semester IV

MDP 690:

Field Internship