The twenty-first century poses new promises as well as threats to the developing world. Not only is an understanding of changes in globalisation necessary, the state must be effective in ensuring good governance as an essential prerequisite for sustainable development.

BIGD currently offers post-graduate education to primarily government officers/civil servants but also open to participation by executives from industry, NGOs, the media, and civil society in the future. BIGD hopes to enhance their knowledge and capacity to contribute towards better governance. Several custom made professional trainings and short/certificate courses are also offered by the institute to cater to the growing and diverse need of region.

Inherited from the former IGS and BDI, the Masters’ programmes of BIGD continue to run in line with BRAC University’s academic schedule and under the direct supervision of the Academic Council of the University.  

The post graduate studies include four Masters Degrees:

1.    Master of Development Studies (MDS)
2.    Masters in Governance and Development Programme (MAGD)
3.    Masters in Development Management and Practice (MDMP)
4.    Masters in Procurement and Supply Management (MPSM)

The short courses and trainings include:

1.    MCIPS Programmes:
(i)    The chartered institute of purchasing and supply (CIPS), Government.
(ii)    The chartered institute of purchasing and supply (CIPS), Private.

2.    Post-grade Certificate Course:
(i)    Management of Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation (MLARR)

3.    Short Trainings: 
(i)    Training on Evaluation of Goods and Non-Consulting Services, Contract Management and Supplier Relationship Management.
(ii) Exhaustive Training Course on BRAC Procurement Guideline and Implementation Procedure (BPGIP).

4.    Short Courses:
(i)    Communication for Social Development and Commercial Marketing
(ii)    10 Day Introductory Course on Microfinance