About the Blog

BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) have launched a blog, called “Governance Watch”. The blog has been intended to reach out wider audience by opening up thoughts and ideas of people of good mind, may it be academic, semi-academic, or purely social.

The blog is built on contributory articles written by in-house researchers, university professors, alumni, professionals, and guests ranging from theory-intensive to experience-based to contemporary issues. However, the core of the “Governance Watch” is our interdisciplinary and empirical researchers that are eager to share a multifaceted, diverse and distinctive picture of today’s world – from the perspective of governance and development.

Sneak in, read the articles of your interests, comment, share, and discuss our contributions. This is what the BIGD is about: Let there be a new dawn of peace, freedom and prosperity for all.” 

BIGD researchers, outside academicians and professionals are welcome to contribute with articles and editorial ideas. If you are interested, please post your article directly on the blog or contact us by email.