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The State of Governance Bangladesh 2016 Regulation Process Performance

The report analysed democratic process, specially electoral politics, public sector governance, economic governance, and health governance. .

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STATE OF CITIES 2016: Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City - Governance Perspectives

The study focuses on the Dhaka Metropolitan area and six key government agencies in particular – Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP...

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Conference on Political Economy, Accountability and Governance

Smart implementation of policies and programmes, enhanced infrastructural development and effective functioning of democratic institutions must be taken care of in order to achieve higher economic growth, experts say at the Conference.

BIGD-Sharique Dissemination Seminar

BIGD-Sharique Dissemination Seminar While a lot of functions have been given to the Union Parishads, these have not been complemented by adequate authority and capacity to raise local revenue to meet the financial need for discharging these functions.

Workshop on Public Procurement

The involvement of citizens in public procurement can also identify the irregularities and errors of procurement.To aware people about the existing rules and regulations of procurement process, engaging campaigns are required to involve citizens in the process.


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